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dressing room, speechless. with over an hour left in the day england lost their eighth wicket. dressing room, right. back camejadeja to take the ninth. still over half an hour for india to wrap it up. jake ball batted, jadeja bowled, his seventh wicket, england all out for 207. they'd lost ten wickets forjust 104 runs. to lose a series 4—0, to lose like this displays a weak streak far wider than england imagined. and alastair cook will now consider his future starting on the flight home. joe wilson, bbc news. time for a look at the weather. all change on the weather front and not much christmas spirit in this forecast for the remainder of this week it turns increasingly stormy at times. the first signs are arriving in the far north and west where we've got widespread gales to northern ireland and scotland, severe gales unexposed north facing coasts. on top of that some very heavy rain. at least the heavy rain
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clears through quickly due to the strength of the winds. not bad for the rest of the afternoon across eastern scotland, spots of rain and into the lake district and west wales. central and eastern areas, a better day in comparison to recent in terms of sunshine coming through an isolated showers on channel coasts. a little fresher than recent days, temperatures fairly uniform across the country at around six and 8 degrees. running through the evening and overnight wet and windy weather pushing southwards. the rain will weaken as it moves across england and wales. behind it some squally showers pushing into scotla nd squally showers pushing into scotland and northern ireland. some even falling with snow to lower levels as it turns cold in rural spots, temperatures down to freezing. we start with the squally showers driven in by strong winds with rain, hail, even some thunder and snow, chiefly to high ground across scotland. to england and wales this relentless feed of rain
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through the day, really grinding to a halt across the midlands and the south—east corner but milder here, nine to 12 degrees, feeling quite raw up into the far north when you factor in the wind. it will start cold, possibly frosty across england and wales on thursday but perhaps the best day in the next few to come. scattering of squally showers into the north but quieter weather. the next storm moves in, another deep area of low pressure, this one has been named by the met office, second storm of the winter season, storm barbra is going to bring heavy rain. we are more concerned about the strength of the winds. and the weather warning has been issued, be prepared for some disruption due to the strengths of the winds. the strongest of which likely to be as below pushes away. as we go through friday evening storm force gusts for a time. clearing away, brief respite for the start of christmas eve but not for long. the next area of low pressure set to arrive christmas eve into christmas day. potentialfor
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some disruption due to the weather. keep watching the forecasts, please, and tune into your local bbc radio 2 for further updates. thank you. a reminder of our main story this lunchtime. the german government says last night attack on a berlin christmas market in which 12 people were killed was an act of terror. that's all from the bbc news at one so it's goodbye from me — and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. time for a look at the sport now. two time wimbledon champion petra kvitova says she's "fortunate to be alive" after a knife attack at her home in the czech republic. the world number 11 was treated for an injury to her left hand, her playing hand, in what her publicist described as a random burglary. in a statement, kvitova said alastair cook said now was not
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the time for him to make a decision about his future as england captain after his side lost the final test against india. they were beaten by an innings and 75 runs in chennai, thanks to another batting collapse. cook went for 49 and his fellow opener keatonjennings reached a half century. moeen ali made 44, but seven batsmen ended with single figures as england were all out for 207. india's ravindra jadeja took seven wickets. england lose the series 4—0. we gave it away with the most awful cricket. what worries me about it is that we have seen it before. i have seen it, like dominoes going down. when i was fielding for england, it
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is not myjob to bowl and get wickets. it is myjob to bat. and it is not the tail—ender‘s job. the top six don't do it. we pay coaches fortunes. trevor bayliss, we pay the director of cricket fortunes to run it, andi director of cricket fortunes to run it, and i bet you nothing happens. if you're running a business, which they say cricket is, with fortunes coming to the english cricket board, then you would be asking for some a nswe i’s. several england players not featuring in the series against india are playing in the big bash in australia. eoin morgan made 26, including this massive six for the sydney thunder as they made 159—8 in the 20 over format, whilstjason roy hit a huge six for the opposite team, the sydney sixers, before falling for 27. sam billings was also playing for the sixers, who went on to beat thunder by nine wickets with 12 balls to spare. team sky say they are confident uk anti—doping will find no wrongdoing when it publishes its report into the contents of a package delivered to the team in 2011.
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the package was delivered during the criterium du dauphine — an event won by sir bradley wiggins. sir dave brailsford told mps yesterday it contained an over—the—counter decongestant, fluimucil. team sky say they're co—operating fully and look forward to the report. that's all the sport for now. let's return now to our main story — yesterday's deadly attack on a christmas market in berlin. the german prosecutor is giving a press conference following last night's attack — let's listen in. translation: the event reminds you of what happened in nice and again, the choice of a name which have a lot of symbolism, like christmas market. these kinds of things are reflected in the past calls of
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islamist terror organisations, who have called for that kind of attack. we don't have a video yet where anybody says they did it, so we cannot give any conclusive state m e nts cannot give any conclusive statements about the background. at the moment, the investigation is going on, together with the federal home and office and the berlin police. there is a criminal technical investigation that is looking at the lorry specifically. there are various witness statements. and there are video recordings of the place of the attack which are being studied, as well as the road that led up to it. the results of all these investigations are not yet ready, so
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for now, we don't know whether there was one attacker or several. we don't know whether they had support. this part of the investigation is not yet concluded. but we have to think that the person who was arrested yesterday, a man of pakistani nationality, we have to be open to the idea that he could possibly not have been the attacker. we have started an investigation last night on the suspicion of multiple attempted murder and murder. this morning, we have taken over the investigation of the berlin prosecutor's office. colleagues of
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my federal office have already been here in berlin last night. this is my first assessment, and we will update you in the near future when we get information. we will inform the public accordingly. thank you very much. i think most of the important things have been mentioned here. i would like to say at this point that last night, as the federal criminal office, we joined the investigation together with the berlin police on the ground. we have i'iow berlin police on the ground. we have now been passed by the federal prosecutor's office to lead this investigation, so we are looking at
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a transition from one investigative group to another, but we are looking at synergies of both forces. the main effort at the moment is to look at everything that gives us indications as to what happened, who did it. we will look at the results of the berlin police investigation and we will look at what happened before the attack and what happened after. the as quickly as possible, we will be trying to answer all the open questions that remain. we are waiting for detailed results from tests on the ground from the witness
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interviews etc. what is important also is the question of what it means for the overall assessment of danger in germany. before this attack, we had already said that in germany, we have a serious level of threat that the islamic terrorism is behind this to a large degree. and in the most recent future, we have looked at the question of whether christmas markets and similar events could face a higher level of threat. this event, from what we know, fits into the assessments we had previously made and has been realised. so we don't look at a
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different type of threat. but we look at the situation where our previous assessment has been realised. means that all the police forces have to work together so that we can bring together everything we can find out about further threats that could be coming our way. and of course, that has consequences for the protective action for such events. in the next few days, the presence of police and security measures, it will all have consequences. measures, it will all have consequences. a question to the
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berlin police. why weren't there any additional concrete bollards or similar security structures at the christmas market if this was a scenario that you predicted? we have of course made security plans, and the question is always, to what degree do you plan? we have already said that christmas markets can't be turned into cassells. and we have overall an unlimited number
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of soft targets. there are so many different possibilities to attack with a lorry to kill people, that is how it is. there are many possible targets. and the risk has become reality in this case. but if we had put concrete bollards at entry points, we still would not completely get rid of the risk. there would still be a remaining risk. to add to this, if you look at what the so—called islamic state is spreading and the internet, to use vehicles to attack exactly these kind of soft targets, they are
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talking not necessarily about christmas markets, but other spaces, which could be a shopping mall. the numberof which could be a shopping mall. the number of possible targets is very large. so when we plan for the security measures, we cannot focus on one particular thing. we have to look at the actual information that allows us to recognise possible events like this and try and defend it. we were not successful in this particular case, but it doesn't mean we cannot secure particular case, but it doesn't mean we cannot secure every particular case, but it doesn't mean we cannot secure every possible soft target in germany. somewhat effective security benefit do you expect from these additional security measures you are now announcing? you also have to think about the
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emotional curve after such an attack. if this is an attack with an islamic background, which still has a question mark hanging over it, we know from the past that a lot of people who are potential attackers, but haven't yet decided to do it, that they may become copycat attackers. that means that close to this time, we need to expect a higher risk. so as the police force, we have to deal with that. to deal with the question of when we decide there is a more serious threat, which is the same as when you start trying to arrest the suspect, you know the legal
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situation. we have time tojudge whether to keep someone in detention. so first of all, we are trying to pool all the results of the investigation to come to a judgment as soon as we can. we have looked at the investigation results of the berlin police, which have not yet been concluded. we now have to deal with the possibility that this is not the right suspect. there are still some results that we are expecting, and during the afternoon or the early evening, we can say more about this. your second question was about the
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potential video. in the past, we have seen that quite quickly, a video came from organisations like islamic state or sometimes from the people who did the attack themselves. but as i said before, we have not got a video yet. there are some cases where there never was one, so some cases where there never was one, so we some cases where there never was one, so we can't yet say anything definitely about the background, whether it was terrorism. totally, the target and the modus operandi of this attack suggest that there was an islamist background. but this is not something we can say with absolute certainty, so we need to continue to investigate in all directions. there are often copycat
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attackers, so we have not come to a final conclusion here. when you deal with a single lone attacker who has not got any contacts to a terrorist organisation, it is not necessarily unusual that you don't have straightaway someone saying through video that they did it. so we cannot say with certainty that there was no islamic background or that there was definitely islamist background. we cannot say that with any final certainty. it is quite normal that we will keep our investigation in all directions,
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that we will continue to collect information. and of course, one of the priorities is to look at the person you have arrested. you also have to look at the timeline we have so have to look at the timeline we have so far. the attack happened last night at eight o'clock, so how much time has passed since then? how many in results of the investigation have we been able to amass in that time? we have to wait for another few days to see whether we can find more results. when did the owner of the polish
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lorry tell police in germany that he had lost contact, and when did the police know where the lorry was?” can't tell you the exact details of the investigation at this point. there is data via gps that we can check so that we know about the exact movement of the lorry. as far asi exact movement of the lorry. as far as i know, we only became aware of the lorry after the attack. it is not automatic that if the owner of a lorry loses contact with his driver, that he would automatically inform the police. he would not
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automatically assume there has been automatically assume there has been a crime only because he lost contract with the driver. —— lost contact. as far as i know, the lorry was in berlin at the time. the unloading had been delayed, so the fa ct unloading had been delayed, so the fact that the lorry was in berlin and stationery was quite normal. the fa ct and stationery was quite normal. the fact that there was no contact with the driver, the reactions by the owner of the lorry came really after the attack. do you have fears that there is still an armed attack are out there somewhere?
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i have no statistics for injured people. the last statistic was 50 people. the last statistic was 50 people injured, but not the nationality of the people. the six people were killed and identified who were all german nationals, which doesn't mean that in the end, all 12 victims will be german. we haven't finished the identification. as to whether we have to expect that there is still an armed suspect in berlin, according to the investigation right now, we have one suspect, but we are
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not sure whether he is definitely the attacker. we also don't quite know whether there is only one suspect and we haven't found the weapon. so all of that means we are still on a state of high alert and we are investigating in all kinds of directions to identify people who might still be part of this crime. question to the federal prosecutor. who is leading the investigation in the federal prosecutor's office? studio: you are watching a news
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conference in berlin with the german federal prosecutor and other security officials in the wake of the fatal truck attack on a busy christmas market. you're watching bbc news. translation: the importance of this case has been judged translation: the importance of this case has beenjudged because of the modus operandi, which has a specific character threatening the state, at least the way it appears and because of the similarity with the attack in nice.
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and because of the effect on the population, the insecurity that has spread, because of the symbolic value of the target, this is how we judged this case to be a case of special importance and therefore, we have ta ken over special importance and therefore, we have taken over this investigation. the terrorism department is leading this investigation. i am deeply disturbed by these events. because of the pictures that were available la st of the pictures that were available last night, i would probably not go... studio: you can see the german
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chancellor angela merkel, at the scene of the truck attack. the federal german prosecutor was just saying at that news conference that the suspect in custody they not have been the perpetrator or belonged to the group of perpetrators. he also said they are treating the attack in berlin as an act of terrorism, but that there hasn't been any claim of responsibility so far. the federal police in germany have identified six germans among the dead. 12 dead altogether and 50 injured. the chief prosecutor was saying that of those injured, 30 people are seriously injured. the prosecutor was also talking about this christmas market being a soft target. he said in
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germany, there is an unlimited number of potential soft targets. when asked about whether security at such places could be increased or improved, he said christmas markets cannot be turned into castles. angela merkel is where the flowers have been laid in memory of the victims of that truck attack. there are considerable political implications for her potentially, with elections next year in germany and questions about her open—door refugee policy. a lot of commentators are saying there may be implications for angela merkel. she wa nted implications for angela merkel. she wanted to be at the scene quickly. we are not sure if she is going to
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say anything. but she has visited the scene of that lorry attack that killed 12 people, six of them identified so far as germans. 30 seriously wounded is the latest figure we have. the german prosecutor was saying that they are treating it as an act of terrorism, but there hasn't been any claim of responsibility so far although they do have a man in custody. they are not sure whether that is the man who was responsible. he has denied that he was involved. we gather this was a pakistani man who was arrested and has been detained. but the authorities are saying they are not certain that he is the man they are looking for. so potentially, that attacker could still be on the loose. germany's security officials we re loose. germany's security officials were saying after the attack that
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the suspect arrested came from pakistan and had previously applied for asylum. the interior minister, mr macro, told reporters that the suspect had entered germany —— thomas de maiziere said suspect entered germany about a year ago and arrived in berlin in


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